You are hereWill Google Music Be The Last Nail In The Traditional Media Coffin? - #music #internet

Will Google Music Be The Last Nail In The Traditional Media Coffin? - #music #internet

By Chris Gomez - Posted on 30 October 2009

Google just recently unveiled the latest addition to their family of life-changing services -- Google Music. Now users can type the name of a song or artist, and Google lets users play the song as many times as they want through or The feature hasn't been rolled out in and around Singapore yet, but it's only a matter of time.

Aside from curing brain itches all over the world (you hear a song on the radio, and you can't know who sang it unless you remember the lyrics and Google it), Google Music may also boost music sales in the near future. After all, Google is the world's most visited site -- now looking for music is no longer the chore it used to be.

Much has been said about Google Music over the past several weeks. It's been touted as the "iTunes killer" (yawn) or "Bing destroyer" (double yawn), but it's doubtful Google had either Apple or Microsoft in its sights when it came out with Google Music. If you ask me, they're just doing what they do best -- give relevant search results.

Of course, there isn't a doubt Google Music will get its share of criticism from entities in the music business. Apple fans, for instance, may see it as a challenge to iTunes' superiority over the digital music industry, a dominance Microsoft has for so long tried and failed to dent.

It doesn't feel like that to me. It's likely that the people who'll be searching for (and eventually buying) music on Google Music will be those who have never touched iTunes before, and believe you me, there's a lot of them out there. If Google Music's going to do anything, it's bound to be for the good of civilized society.

Oh, and I'm not worried about traditional music media, by the way. I doubt the radio will ever die* -- it's a part of civilization that, like jeans and t-shirts, will never go out of fashion.

* But if I'm wrong about the radio, please don't point it out. Just pretend like I was right anyway