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Hilarious! -- Cee Lo Green - F**K YOU (Official Video) #video

Cee Lo Green's music video is funny as hell. Can't get it out of my head.

Why this video works:

  1. The video does not try hard to "outdo" the song.
  2. The song has a really catchy tune. (Duh.)
  3. The lyrics are so funny, you know that's it not meant to be taken seriously.
  4. The lyrics tugs on every guy's feeling (heck, every lady's feeling, even), bringing them back to a moment in time when they actually saw someone else go out with a gal/guy they liked.

Warning: After watching this video, anytime someone slams into you in the train/on a bus/in a crack house, you'll feel compelled to say "F**k youuuu... Ooo Ooo Ooooo".

"New Baby" - a fun & heartwarming video (from Google) #video

I found this video on YouTube about a soon-to-be first-time dad going through the motions of preparing for well... being a first-time dad.

The Google Search guys have made some really clever videos in the past for their Google Search Stories series, and this one is funny and heartwarming at the same time.

Personally, I would stop at one, but hey, with Google search, anything can happen and plans can change. :)

Enjoy the video.

THE NEW DORK - Entrepreneur State of Mind ("New York" by Jay-Z ft Alicia Keys Spoof)

The cool people at Skype should do fun videos like this really cool spoof of "New York" by Jay-Z ft Alicia Keys. It will help them stay connected with the young and the tech folk audience.

I thought the guy rapping was funny, but when the young lady doing AK, came on I couldn't stop laughing. Funny as hell. I'd hire her for my next short film in a heartbeat. Then again I'm in Singapore, so I may not be able to hire her anytime soon. Can someone hire her for their next short film, if she fits the part? I think she played AK pretty well, and if the voice we heard came from her pipes give her a recording contract, dammit!


Thanks... my buddy @yaoquan for info abt this video.
BTW, @yaoquan is the young, good-looking founder of the online events management tool, (If you're female and single, let me know, and I'll connect you with him.)

Really Cool Lego Video - The Matrix - "Trinity, Help!"

This is a really cool video using the voices of the characters from the film "The Matrix", and Lego bricks.

SOUR '日々の音色 (Hibi no neiro)' music video

This video is really cool. The group SOUR choreographed their fans recording themselves on their web cams and piecing together all the videos into a really nice montage.

The song '日々の音色 (Hibi no neiro)', which is on their 'Water Flavor' EP, means "Tone of everyday". A quick check with Google Translate says it means "Thanks to everyone".

Whatever the case, it's a good song with an equally good music video. Both meanings sit well with me.

Eli Stone – Not Just Another Quirky Law Drama

I've always liked TV shows about lawyers (yes, Denny Crane is a God!). They're pretty much the epitome of the typical TV series leads – people who have fixed beliefs and values that are constantly being put to the test. (I'll admit, even “Ally McBeal” was a pet peeve for me for some time). Then comes along “Eli Stone,” a new TV comedy/drama series about a lawyer who has hallucinations caused by an inoperable brain aneurysm – a plot device that sounds cliché, I'll admit, until you realize that the hallucinations consist of George Michael and his songs.

Eli Stone is a successful San Francisco attorney who experiences strange hallucinations – most prominently George Michael singing his song “Faith” in his living room. It's a quirk that makes Eli pretty much the laughingstock of the legal world, despite his skill as an attorney, and is pretty much the source of most of the series's funny parts.

But “Eli Stone” also has its serious side. While most of Eli's George Michael hallucinations were hilarious, he's actually worried because most of his “visions” accurately foreshadow future events. It's his own doctor, Chen, who suggests that his brain aneurysm was there for a reason.

Eli: “Doctors say I have this aneurysm. That's why I have these sightings.”

Dr. Chen: “Well, that's what doctors say. In life, there's always two explanations: A scientific one and a divine one. God sends prophets to every generation.”

Eli: “Are you saying I'm a prophet? I don't even believe in God.”

Dr. Chen: “Of course you do, Eli. You believe in right and wrong, and you always try to do what's right. Of course you believe in God.”

“Eli Stone” uses its unique setting and circumstances to portray both the good and bad sides of society, with Eli giving his own thoughts on things. I believe the show has one of the best balance of comedy and drama I've seen on TV lately – it makes me wish it lasted longer than two seasons. 

Jonny Lee Miller, the successful British actor, has accumulated a long list of film credits in his resume before taking the role of Eli Stone. When asked why he shifted from a movie to a TV career, he said he wasn't picky about his choice of roles – he simply saw that “Eli Stone” had a great plot and his was a great role to play. It takes a real artist to pass over big movie bucks in order to play his craft to perfection.

George Michael himself makes a few appearances in the show, and has shown himself to be a good actor. I don't know about you, though, but I'm hoping that doesn't give him the idea of starting his own reality show one day. But still, he's pretty much what gives “Eli Stone” its appeal, and it'll be interesting what his next move on TV will be.

Viral Marketing Through Film Keeps Catching On

It's obvious. More and more companies are using viral marketing these days. The most recent viral marketing ad I've seen was the one I was shown last week from Vodaphone, F1 racer Lewis Hamilton's title sponsor. The YouTube video shows two RC enthusiasts controlling a small remote controlled F1 racer around a makeshift track in their workplace. The remote control? The new Blackberry Storm.

The ad later showed how their YouTube video got the attention of the McLaren racing team. Later on the team used the technology to create a full-scale F1 racecar that could be controlled by the Blackberry Storm via Bluetooth. Hamilton himself, who was an avid RC fan before graduating to karting, later controlled the racecar around a small track with the Blackberry, clearly impressed.

Jon Stewart Lays The Smack Down On Jim Cramer

I'm much more of a movie guy than a TV guy, but I always try to catch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart every chance I get. I swear, he may not know how to dance with the rich snobs at the Oscars, but he sure knows how to poke fun at the world's politics right where it hurts. Last week, though, he also showed me that he's also one of the most knowledgeable media critics in the world today.

A little over a week ago, I wrote a bit about Rick Santelli's infamous “rant of the year,” where he criticized the Obama Administration's efforts to help the poor keep their homes. He went so far as to call victims of the foreclosure as “losers,” that they deserved to lose their homes, and implied that the money should instead go to those who were “smart” enough not to get caught up in the crisis.

How To Make A Million Dollars - By Jon Stewart

I am posting this mostly for the benefit of my readers in Asia and the EMEA.

It's confirmed. We are now, officially, a society of misguided fools. Yeah, those loser homeowners should lose their homes, especially the ones who had added an extra bathroom and therefore, now, can't afford to pay their bills.

Thank you Wall Street for doing nothing and still asking all of us for more money.

Business Hitting Rock Bottom? Maybe You Should Go Topless

It might be surprising to hear any kind of business doing well these days, but apparently an entrepreneur in Vassalboro, Maine, found a way to open a coffee shop that's getting more and more popular by the day. Its specialties? Coffee and (partial...) nudity.