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Happiness Really Is Contagious

Have you ever heard of the “six degrees of separation?” It's the idea that if everyone in the world stood on step away from everyone they knew, then no one would be more than six steps away from each other. With social networks, this number could very well go down to just five, making it more likely to spread certain conditions – and emotions like happiness – around.

In-Flight Wi-Fi Has Lovers And Haters

A week ago, the US airline Virgin America made a beta run of their in-flight Wi-Fi service, and responses has been generally favorable. With a few tweaks and improvements in the service, it's bound to become a pretty big attraction by next year, when most of the bigger airlines in developed countries will have the service. But not everyone is happy about the idea of being able to get connected during flights.

Lance Armstrong Asks Obama To Strengthen Cancer Fight

Lance Armstrong, seven-time Tour de France champion and cancer survivor, recently issued an open letter to US President-elect Barack Obama. In it, he outlined the problems faced by the American cancer community and how Obama, in his presidency, can help solve them. Armstrong's request will definitely resonate with much of America and the rest of the world – in America alone, he claims, 1,500 people die from the disease each day.

Obama To Continue Using Internet To Communicate With The Public

Yesterday I wrote about Barack Obama being the “social media” president, referring to the way social media and the Internet in no small way helped him win the US presidential election by a landslide. In the same article I mentioned that it would be interesting to see how Obama will use the Internet to help bring change to the US and the rest of the world when he takes office in a little over two months' time. Well, apparently my question has been answered.

Barack Obama And Social Media

EngineAlpha - Barack Obama sitting in front of a Mac. - Pic Credit: from

An undated picture of Barack Obama sitting in front of a Mac
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US President-Elect Barack Obama is often referred to as the “Social Media” President, owing to how social media and the Internet helped create the amazingly successful campaign that got him the election two days ago. Once we take a look at just how far-reaching his social media-based campaign was, it soon becomes clear how Sen. John McCain, who admitted he never had the need for e-mail (though some respected sources have shared information about his involvement in the creation of the Blackberry), missed the election by a landslide.

Microsoft Goes Into Cloud Computing With Windows Azure

You've probably been using cloud computing without knowing it. The term refers to the way programs and other kinds of software are accessed online, instead of in clients like your desktop or laptop PC. The simplest example I can think of is web-based e-mail – instead of having to download your e-mail to your PC via a POP3 mail client, all you'll need to do is to connect to the Internet and access your Inbox online.

Gmail's Mail Goggles Can Prevent E-mail Regrets

The guys at Google think of just about anything, don't they?

Google recently released a new feature on Gmail called “Mail Goggles.” Named after the term “beer goggles,” which can sometimes cause you to make a fool out of yourself after having one drink too many, Mail Goggles can help prevent you from sending e-mails on late weekend nights that you'll probably regret the next morning.

After 10 Years, Google's Still Doing It All

It's been ten years since Google made its debut, and since then it's grown into the force to be reckoned with in the international communications industry. What started as a brilliant idea by two Ph.D. Stanford students is now seen as the standard by which other players in the communications industry are continually being judged.

Online Reputation Wrecking Is Going Way Out Of Hand

Reputation-wrecking has been around since the beginning of written history. It would seem like man has an insatiable desire to one-up his fellow man. Today we see celebrities, politicians, and even our own relatives and friends always with something bad to say about someone else.

Google Chrome Gets Off To A Rocky Start

Google recently launched the Beta version of Chrome, its new browser. Its makers claim that it was designed to suit the needs of Internet users today, which have changed “since the web first appeared 15 years ago.” Chrome is an open-source browser that draws considerably from the technology of Mozilla's Firefox and Apple's Safari, and employs a new approach to its Javascript engine.